November 2017
Thanksgiving meeting and party at the Riefs house!
Food, Fun and Entertainment!

February 2017 Boat Cruise

Christmas Parade and Cavalier Holiday Pictures 2016 December
Pictures Below from our
January 2017 Meeting       "CAVALIER SPA DAY"
                                 Burnsed Recreation Center  AKC Guest Speaker, Pot luck and Dog Show!

Judie Posner, guest
speaker from Encore Kennels in Ocala, FL.
Ms. Posner gave a full 1 hour lecture of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, how good breeders breed, her show dogs, she is a
Breeder of Merit and will have more puppies soon.  Her dogs have championed in the ring. She then ran a fun faux competitive dog show!

Thanks to Chris Fanos and Kathy Chandler - social committee for running the pot luck lunch.  It was delicious!!!  What a meeting!

Christmas Parade

Polo Grounds

December 2015

                      APRIL 2017  
See page 84 of The Villages magazine, April 2016 edition for more deatils on a member of the club.
I gave it to a puppy!
I found the toy, but I gave it away to another puppy who in turn gave me one of his treats.
I had the toy, but I forgot where I put it. 
I have lost my small toy, and I am heartbroken! Come on Cavaliers, help me find it!
I found the toy, and played with it and tossed it to the Ruby.
I found the little 4 legged toy at the water fountain.  I washed it off in the water, and then it slipped out of sight.  I got distracted.
My ears are wet, I was at that fountain too.  I just want to be held.
I rolled it over to the big dog park fence to tease the dogs.  I thouht it was funny!
I used it as a pillow but after falling asleep ,somehow a floopy eared dog once again found the toy!
I picked it up at the fountain, and  played chase through the wire fence.  Those big guys just couldn't run as fast as me.  I then dropped it at the feet of another masked bandit!
I gave it to Mom for a group photo!
The group photo at the park later on.
​We found it and will share it for awhile!
PatrioPatriotism in The Villages!